About Us

Our goal is to provide technologically advanced anti-aging skin care” – We are SkinShineBar™ by Yvegeny Freylikhman




About the Founder:

Yvegeny Freylikhman is an industry expert, leader and serial entrepreneur in the skin care industry with over 25 years of experience in the field. Yvegeny is originally from Crimea. Yvegeny’s educational background is in chemistry and pharmacology from the University of Pyatigorsk. In New York City, Mrs. Freylikhman has spent many years developing unique products and procedures for skin treatment working with Dermatologist, Dr. Zismor, later joining the team of Plastic Surgeons Dr. Williams & Dr. Fischer and Dermatologist, Dr. Brauner.

In 2004, Yvegeny founded Skintology, an award-winning medical spa based in NYC and has focused on the development of natural and organic skin care products. Mrs. Freylikhman believes that while procedures work wonders for the body, natural and organic products can do far more to protect healthy skin, prevent damage, stimulate skin cells and prevent premature aging.

In early 2006, Yvegeny introduced a chemical-free product line, and in that same year she also developed a signature treatment for an embryo-assisted, DNA-replacement procedure.

SkinShine Bar is a unique and premiere line of skin care products designed by Yvegeny herself. With all natural and organic ingredients mixed with Yvegeny ‘s skillful techniques, infusing micromolecular stem cell and safe antioxidants, these products will give you the repair, growth and healing your skin needs. Yvegeny continues to research and develop new skin care products, and in conjunction with renown Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden, Mrs. Freylikhman offers customized and specialized procedures.

What Our Customers Say

“I just started using these products and are most happy with the results. I’ve used the Daytime Shea moisturizers as well the Nighttime. Within 2 days I noticed a different texture to my skin. I was tighter and so smooth.” — Cindy

“I’m using SkinShineBar Marine Stem Cell every morning before make up. I see already a huge difference! My skin so much softer and glowing.” — Miss

“Stem Cell Double Shot is a greate product! Just finished the first for the morning. It does well! My skin is finally glowing.” — Fulvina

“I love this Stem Cell Shot Double Shot. this product make my skin light, misty and glowing.” — Anna