The stem cells in our products are taken from plants or the ocean. Because they come from nature, they produce beneficial anti-aging effects that can help with wrinkles, sun damage, inflammation, and collagen production.

Our products are packaged in syringes to prevent air from settling in the cream, preventing oxidization or contamination of the minerals. This results in a more effective treatment. The cream is applied to areas of your skin that you wish to treat.


Yes! Our skin care products use organic ingredients that come from plants or the ocean. These ingredients promote optimal skin healing and rejuvenation.


Plants and humans both possess stem cells but they work differently. The stem cells in plants can stimulate regeneration and growth after injury. Plant stem cells can therefore heal and restore your skin to make it look younger.


No. We do not use preservatives in any of our products.


Yes. Our products contain ingredients from only plants.


Plant marine stem cells can drastically reduce wrinkles. When applied before sunscreen, it can prevent wrinkles from worsening and can also prevent and reverse sun damage.


Our products use stem cells collected from plants and the ocean. Plant stem cells have unique healing properties that can make your skin look younger and revived.


Yes! The ingredients in our products are organic, so you can safely use them during pregnancy or while nursing.


The effects of our products can last up to two years depending on the person, their lifestyle and their skin care routine.