Gina’s bio

Gina founded Skintology in 2004. She completed her chemistry degree in Russia and came to the Big Apple in 1980. She began her career as a chemist and worked in product development for a New York dermatologist, Dr. Zizmor. Years later, she joined the team of plastic surgeon, Dr. Williams; plastic surgeon, Dr. Fischer; and dermatologist, Dr. Brauner. In early 2006, her focus became developing her own chemical-free product line. That year, she also developed a signature treatment for an embryo-assisted, DNA-replacement procedure.After twenty-four years of experience, she believes one solution for every patient does not exist. Gina is the leader in the skincare industry and she believes that product is not powerful without treatment. Gina continues to research and develop, and with the help of Dr. Jennifer Walden, is able to have customized and specialized procedures for every patient.Gina is confident that with her expertise and experience and Dr. Walden’s talent, sophistication, and first-class technique, we can help each patient achieve their goals.