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Over the last decade, there has been a significant buzz about the potential of stem cells and how they may be able to help repair and regenerate the body. Much of the discussion has been focused around human stem cells and while the research is ongoing as to their potential, nature has been perfecting this science for millions of years. Plants have the incredible ability to regrow and repair themselves after they have been damaged and this ability is based on a unique stem cell process.

In humans, skin rejuvenation is a complex process that involves proteins and cells in different layers of the skin. As we age, these cells may become less prevalent and thus repair to the layers of the skin may become more difficult. This leads to common skin imperfections including, wrinkles, sunspots and premature aging.

In 1902, an Austrian botanist named Gottlier Haberlandt noted the ability of individual cells within plants to be able to repair and replicate the entire plant itself in a process known as “callus creation.” The cells within the plants are known as “undifferentiated,” which means they have the unique ability to become the same type of cell as those around them. This is why plants are able to repair stems, leaves, or branches with no other chemicals or factors being added to them.

Since that time, significant amounts of research have shown that stem cells from various plants can be expedite the regenerative skin process in humans. When these cells are applied to the skin, they release proteins, growth factors and antioxidants that promote cellular regeneration and increase collagen production. This regeneration decreases inflammation and can help restore aging skin and may be more effective than relying on using human cells to repair aging or damaged skin. In fact, plant stem cells have been shown to have stronger antioxidant properties than that of human cells, and this is most likely due to their evolution to survive in severe weather.

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