Hydro Stem Cell Facial

Here at SkinShineBar™, we use stem cells taken from natural sources, such as plants or the ocean, to help you rejuvenate your appearance and achieve a more youthful look. Among the stem cell treatments we offer is the hydro stem cell facial. This unique facial works by providing a deep infusion of nourishing hydration into your skin.

Over time, you skin loses elasticity and plumpness, eventually sagging and becoming wrinkled. Our hydro stem cell facial applies stem cells to your skin to rejuvenate and replace damaged cells with newer and more youthful skin cells, stimulating collagen production to help you achieve and enjoy a more youthful appearance. Best of all, hydro stem cell facials are a good option for all skin types. You can expect to see almost immediate results from your treatment, and the stem cells remain active within your skin for up to 30 days, providing a healing, rejuvenating effect.

The hydro stem cell facial is most effective when provided in a series of treatment or as a monthly anti-aging program.

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